Bespoke Menswear Read

'Fuck Yeah Menswear' by Kevin Burrows and Lawrence Schlossman

I like basics, I always do. In this book, I find all the basic menswear style theories. Like men's essentials, denim, Ivy look, preppy style, street styles, street snaps, stylish men's lifestyle, trade show etc. The writing is funny but very informative. This is the basic knowledge guide book for all men who want to be dressed well.

The particular chapter I like most is the chapter of 'Style Archetypes'. Eight different men's styles are summarized and it is so true that we could find all of these styles within our friend groups. They are:


Goth Ninja

Euro Jetsetter, 
Fashion Victim, 

The description and the illustration are so to the point that I find myself and my friends all inside these eight group of styles. Really amazing.

I highly suggest this is a collector item piece for all menswear styling beginners and men's fashionistas. 

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