Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore

New York Times bestseller. "The guardian of style" (New York Times Magazine)

I really recommend this book to all the beginners and fashion lovers who wants to know more about fashion and style.

I came across the name of the famous blogger and the author of 'Love x Style x Life' Garance Dore is from her blog back to 2008. She just took pictures of stylish people in the street of Paris and present the things she loved including her illustrations in her blog. Her blogging style is clean, uptrend and full of passion towards what she is doing. 

The French blogger states in the book that she was super extra broke at the age of 27. In 2007, when she were 33, she started her blog 'Garance Dore' (now is Atelier Dore : ). Within a few years, her blog became famous and number of readers reached millions all over the world. Various big fashion names came to her with different collaborations like Chloe, Tiffany, J Crew etc. At the age of 36, she said in the book that she was the fashion insider now.

This book combines diary, style guide, fashion journal, insider tips, French girl wit, her own expression towards life, love and family. The most important message I find in the book is the importance of believing in what you love and always be you and pursue a life and career totally representing you. 

She claims that : "Fashion can really empower and make anyone feel beautiful." and I think it is so true.

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