The New Garconne by Navaz Batliwalla

Dressing like a boy is a kind of attitude other than just put on some kind of mannish clothes to pretend like a boy. It is a gender neutral movement that celebrates the masculine-feminine mix of dressing style. These 'gentlewomen' have a definitive boyish look but are absolutely feminine at the same time and they all appreciate the functional elements that come from men's wear styles which make them so unique and confident at the same time.

To conclude, the answer from the author, the London based fashion blogger, Navaz Batliwalla, to WWD magazine's interview question about the book is the good description of the true meaning of 'The New Garconne' attitude.

WWD: In addition to style, what are some lifestyle elements that make up the new garconne?

Navaz Batliwalla: One of the key things they have in common is a quiet power. They are great communicators and collaborators, they’re creative and entrepreneurial but they have an understated, measured approach to getting their way. You don’t have to be a ball-breaker. They’re also conscious consumers. They’re not anticonsumption; they love being surrounded by beautiful objects, but they’re choosy about it. It’s not about buying endless Louboutins because it’s the “It” item, it’s about having the best or most meaningful version of something, whether it’s a Muji pen or their father’s watch.

This is what a modern 'Gentlewoman' should be.

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