Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession

Amy Leverton, known of her work as a denim trend forecaster and consultant in the industry is launching her new book. The book will be a follow-up on her very successful first book Denim Dudes. The new book will be launched exactly three years after the first one was released. In case you have slept the last three years, go check the Denim Dudes book here:

As the name already says her first book Denim Dudes was all about cool dudes dressed in denim. Now it’s time to celebrate the denim lifestyle from the women, or dudettes, too. In her new book Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession Book she highlights the most inspiring blue girls from the globe.

Denim’s sexiness, whether it is being dressed up or dressed down, has made it the ultimate fashion statement as well as the ultimate anti-fashion statement. This book is an ode to the enduring cool of denim and the creative ways it can be worn, showcasing unique and inspirational stylish looks from denim lovers across the United States, the U.K., Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Presenting street style at its best, Denim is also a veritable who’s who of the denim style world, featuring the personal looks of trendsetters, stylists, vintage dealers, as well as shop owners of renowned favorites such as Lot, Stock and Barrel in Los Angeles and Goodhood in London, and designers from cult brands such as Rollas and Lorod.

Check the book here:

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